torsdag 31. januar 2013

Assessment Criteria for Writing a Short Story / Vurderingskriterier til en novelle på engelsk

Click here for the criteria for assessing a short story assignment. You can also check these out here on a prezi presentation

Here is an assessment form that can be used to grade this task.

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  1. Nice tools and aids - for both teacher and students. Did you also use an assessment matrix or form for this that was clearly defined for the students before the task was started? In other words: according to what standard did you grade them if they, say, skipped all mention of any kind of symbol? Or if they used a mixed POV. etc. Or was this not productive or relevant for this task? Great blog, btw

    1. Hi and thanks! I have been laying low for a while with posting things here, perhaps it is time to upload some new tasks?

      I have updated the post to include the assessment form for this task. These are, of course, just general criteria and the learners usually get a specific theme to write about. For example, Vg1 studiespes can write about "how a thoughtful gesture can make someone's day/change a life" or a short story related to the indigenous peoples. The literature and culture class at Vg3 level are writing a gothic story these days.

      The learners are made very clear that they need to use different literary devices. For the learners who were working with the indigenous peoples, they actually had to write comment bubbles in their short stories during the writing process to make sure that they consciously/deliberately? used different literary devices. They had to say, "I am using foreshadowing here to keep my reader interested" etc.

      This idea worked quite well actually since it created meta-awareness of their own texts in their minds and they became aware of what they were writing. So, most of them had some kind of literary devices in their stories, but if they did not use any symbols, but had other devices like foreshadowing, metaphors, then I did not deduct marks from their grade, but if they did not use any, then I would definitely deduct marks. But I think making them aware of how literary devices contribute towards making their story better really helped.

      The reason I wrote that they use the same POV consistently is because I have experienced that they are not able to mix these properly, and leads to confusion and illogical writing, but of course you can modify these criteria to suit your class and their competence level. But I deducted points from one learner when he used mix POV because the story did not make any sense all of a sudden.

      Again, these criteria are just to be used a helping tool and it is the whole impression of the story that counts ;-)

      I did not hand them their assessment on the form but used the form to give them feedback through videoretting (screencasting and audio narration).

      Let me know, if you want to see a text with these comment bubbles from the learners and a sample of videorettet task. Also. if you want these forms as word documents in case you want to modify them to make them your own :-)