torsdag 19. november 2015

Advertisement Analysis/Reklameanalyse

It is important for the youth of today to understand how advertising manipulates their choices and their spending. This can help them develop their powers of critical observation and reflection, and help them eventually become a more aware consumer.

The key words in the advertsiment analysis are learning to understand:

- the intent
-the intended audience
-the design of the advertisement (areas of focus, color scheme, font-size etc,)
-rhetorical devices (logos, pathos and ethos)
-linguistic tools like use of adjectives, action verbs, word play, use of slogans etc.


Here is the link to the power point.
Here is a link to tips on how to write an advertisement analysis + check list and examples of 4 advertsiements to work with first individually and then in pairs/groups.

Students later have a test where they have to analyse one or two advertisements. Here is an assessment form for this task.

The teaching material for this topic was created in collaboration with Elena Ringen while she was a teacher trainee at Sotra Vgs. I just gave her some guidelines about what needed to be included, and she developed all the texts that I am at attaching here. As you can see, it is an impressive array of a power point, a checklist, video and images,and an assessment form as well. A big shout out to Elena for letting me share these on my blog. I have made some changes since then to the power point presentation to tailor it to my needs.

Working on this topic fulfills the following competene aims for Vg1 and Vg2 (both vocational and general studies):
  • discuss and elaborate on English language films and other forms of cultural expressions from different media
  • evaluate different sources and use contents from sources in an independent, critical and verifiable manner
  • evaluate different digital resources and other aids critically and independently, and use them in own language learning
In International English, it fulfills the following criteria:
  • analyse and assess the role of some English-language media in international society ( How do advertisements in English affect our daily choices.)
  • analyse linguistic tools in different kinds of texts (rhetorical tools like logos, pathos and ethos)
  • give an account of fundamental principles for constructing texts in a variety of genres (princilpes for creating an advertisement)
In Literature and Culture, the following competence aims are fulfilled:
  • analyse and assess a film and a selection of other artistic forms of expression within English-language culture 
  • elaborate on and discuss the relationship between form, content and stylistic register in sentences and texts

lørdag 3. oktober 2015

Recommended reading and watching this weekend.

Happy weekend!
Here are some ideas to chew on this weekend!
1. The period is pissed. Do you agree? Has using a period (fullstop) as a punctuation sign taken on a new meaning? Also watch this video about the use of "exclamation point" here: 

2)  Is Global Warming a hoax? Haha! The historic People's Climate March takes place in New York City while a House of Representatives committee struggles with the basic principles of global warming. 

3) Interesting article on FOMO or the Grass is Greener Syndrome. Can you relate to this fear? Here's How To Conquer Your 'Fear Of Missing Out.'

mandag 14. september 2015

"Outsourced" Study Guide / Intercultual Communication

The movie Outsourced is an excellent movie to show when working with the topic Intercultural Communication. It shows how an American has to learn to adapt himself to the Indian way of living when he has to move there for work purposes. I have prepared a study guide or discussion questions that students can work with after they have seen the movie. Here is a link to the guide. 
Legg til bildetekst

mandag 24. august 2015

First English Lesson

Here is a Prezi I created for the very first class with my Vg1 English students. The prezi allows for interaction and is intended to be both humorous and informative.

mandag 1. juni 2015

Sensoroppdrag / eksaminator i internasjonal engelsk, litteratur og kultur, engelsk studiespesialiserende

Her er et vurderingsskjema som kan brukes til å vurdere elever som skal opp i muntlig eksamen både på vg1, vg2 og vg3 engelsk. Skjemaet viser kjennetegn for måloppnåelse.

Skjemaet tar utgangspunkt i følgende vurderingskriterier:

  • det skal være fokus i presentasjonen og det kan oppnås ved f.eks. å ha en problemstilling i presentasjonen. 
  • bruk av kilder
  • at elevene presentere og diskutere temaet
  • at eleven i samtalen etterpå viser evne til kommunikasjon og innsikt i fagstoffet fra resten av pensumet
  • strukturen av presentasjonen
  • språk og uttale
  • bruk av manus

tirsdag 24. februar 2015

Mock Exam - Oral /Muntlig presentasjon + samtale

Her er en oppgave som kan brukes til muntlig vurdering. Oppgaven er basert på den nye modellen for muntlig eksamen fastsatt for engelskfag. På muntlig eksamen skal elevene først presentere et tema i 10 minutter. Deretter skal de ha en samtale med eksaminator/sensor i inntil 20 minutter. Oppgaven jeg har laget er begrenset til 15 minutter pga praktiske årsaker. Elevene skal presentere et fordypningsemne i 7 minutter og ha en samtale der læreren stiller oppfølgingsspørsmål fra presentasjonen samt spørsmål fra andre kompetansemål.

Here is an oral assignment that I have successfully used in my classes. The task is created keeping in mind  the new oral examination model suggested by UDIR where the learners present a topic first and then have a conversation with the examiner/teacher about different topics they have worked with in the course of the year. The exam is supposed to last 30 minutes where the learners present a topic for 10 minutes and then have a conversation up to 20 minutes.
This task, however, is intended to last 15 minutes due to practical reasons.  

søndag 25. januar 2015

Fun Stuff: Dancing Bollywood Style!

Here is a video of my students and I dancing to a Bollywood Song at a Bollywood Festival in Bergen.


torsdag 8. januar 2015

Task: News and Current Events

I have posted earlier about a task here related to news and current events which is a group task and quite time consuming. Even though the students love it as it allows them to get creative, sometimes we need a simpler version. Here is a task that the learners are supposed to work on individually. The competence aims fulfilled, and the criteria required to assess this task are also included.