onsdag 23. januar 2013

Oral Presentations Assessment Form + Criteria / Vuderingsskjema + Kriterier for Muntlige Presentasjoner

Click here for the new form that I have been using recently. To me this is better because this one is not so complicated, yet it covers all the criteria that I use to evaluate my students. I just highlight the part on the form that applies to the pupil.
I have started to write the criteria on the task itself. Here is one example:

Criteria for Evaluation: You will be evaluated on the content of your presentation, and how it is communicated (if your points/ideas come across, if you connect with the audience). It is important that you not only present a topic, but you also discuss it. Some ways to do this could be to talk about advantages and disadvantages, causes and consequences etc. Your language and the structure of the presentation will also be assessed (introduction, conclusion and the transitions between the different topics). Make sure you don't just announce the slide with one word, but use a sentence. For example, "As far as the festivals go etc. instead of saying "festivals"". There needs to be a clear thesis statement which declares the main point or controlling idea of your presentation. You will also be evaluated on how you use your sources so remember to use and refer to your sources in a proper way.
Length of presentation: The presentation should last 5-7 minutes or more if you are working alone and about 10 minutes or more if you are working in pairs. If working in pairs, both parties need to speak equally.
Make sure you make a power point.
Script: You will also turn in your script i.e. all you have talked about in the presentation with clear description of who worked on what.

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