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Indigenous Peoples -Native Americans: A news report about Standing Rock, the Dakota Pipeline and discussion questions.

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The curriculum for Vg1 and Vg2 specifies that students need to:
1) discuss and elaborate on texts by and about indigenous peoples in English-speaking countries 
2) present and discuss current news items from English language sources

On NRK TV, there is an excellent news report about the Dakota Pipeline in the US. The documentary provides a short historical context and also an interview with Dallas Goldtooth from the Sioux tribe in South Dakota. There is also an interview with Sandra Márjá West, the parliamentary representative for the Sami, the indigenous Peoples of Norway. She was at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. 

Here is
 the link to the news report. 

The students can listen to the report fro the beginning to 14 minutes and answer questions about segment 3, which is the interview with Dallas Goldtooth.
Segment 3 is from 4.59 minutes until 9:27 minutes.

I have written down the questions that the interviwer asks Dallas Goldtooth. The students are supposed to write down answers to these questions and then they can be discussed in class.
Discussion Questions
1)  When the interviewer asks Dallas Goldtooth with the Sioux tribe in North Dakota, what they will do now as the work on the pipeline continues, what does Dallas Goldtooth answer?
2) The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has said that Trump’s decision to continue work on the pipeline is a violation of treaty rights. In what ways is his actions illegal? (include terms like consultation, planning process, disregarding the process, study on the environmental effects in your answer)
3) What positive impact will this pipeline have on America’s economy according to Trump?
4) What are the negative consequences of this pipeline according to Dallas Goldtooth? (include terms like a leaking pipeline, drinking water, routing of pipeline through sacred sites)
5) This protest is not just about Standing Rock. What else is it about? What does Dallas Goldtooth answer?

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