onsdag 8. mars 2017

Satire - Task for Literature and Culture Vg3

Gin Lane by William Hogsworth
Satire is a brilliant literary technique with often a noble vision – to highlight issues in a society using wit, intellect and sarcasm. Satire showcases intelligence, both by the one who uses it and the one who it is directed at. This is because to get the subtleties of a satirical text, you need to be engaged and aware of the current social and political issues.

The following task about satire covers the following aims in the English Literature and Culture subject at the Vg3 level.

Competence Aims
  • elaborate on and discuss distinctive linguistic features of texts from different genres, from different periods and regions
  • interpret literary texts and other cultural expressions from a cultural-historical and social perspective
  • elaborate on and discuss the cultural position of the United States and Great Britain in the world today, and the background for the same
  • use a nuanced, well-developed and precise vocabulary to communicate on literature and culture
  • use suitable language, appropriate to the situation, in oral and written genres
Here is the task.

Task: Choose “Gin Lane” or “Gulliver Travels” and a satirical TV show from the United States or Great Britain and illustrate (present, discuss and analyze) how satire is used to comment on current issues. Your presentation should begin with a clear thesis statement and should include relevant facts and examples. You may include a very brief video not more than 2 minutes).

Criteria for Evaluation:
1) You will be evaluated on the content (the strength of your argument, if you use examples and quotes, if you are you critical, do you discuss or just present) of your presentation, and how it is communicated (if your points/ideas come across, if you connect with the audience).
2) The structure of the presentation will also be assessed (introduction, conclusion and the transitions between the different topics).
3) Your language (including vocabulary, grammar, idiomatic usage, technical terms, use  of formal language) will also be evaluated.
4) There needs to be a clear thesis statement which declares the main point or controlling idea of your presentation.
5) You will also be evaluated on how you use your sources so remember to use and refer to your sources in a proper way. You need to also comment and reflect on the sources you used.
6) You cannot read from a script. Key words are OK.
7) Length of the presentation: The presentation should last at least 10 minutes or more.
Make sure you make a power point for this project.

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