tirsdag 3. januar 2017

Working with a CV and an Application Letter

Students need to learn how to write a good CV and an application letter to potentially secure a professional job. 

I have created a task which can be found here. 

I find that NDLA has excellent resources about how to write a CV as well as an application letter.
Here is a link to the resouces about CV on NDLA and here is a link to resouces on application letter on NDLA. 
I find that the CV on NDLA does not require the applicants to talk about their technical skills which I consider to be quite important piece of information escpecially for vocational students, so I ask my students to include that in the CV.

Vocational students are encouraged to use technical vocabulary and here is a link to technical vocabulary at the book Tracks website.

I also upload a sample text for the students which they can use as a template. The sample text can be found here. 

I can be reached at jaspreetgloppen@gmail.com or you can write to the Correcto Ergo Sum page on Facebook, if you have any quesions.

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