torsdag 2. november 2017

Task: Short story about communication breakdown due to challenges related to intercultural communication

Pupils taking general studies at my school have been writing a short story about the communication breakdown to challenges related to intercultural communication. Here is a document where you will find the task along with the assessment criteria. Here is the assessment form we used to correct the short stories. A big thanks to my colleagues Hanne Bjerke Vasshaug og Linn Therese Jostem for collaboration, and critical input in development of this task. 

These are the texts that we worked with:
1)  The movie Outsourced. You can find the study guide for outsourced here.  
2)  This brilliant text about Intercultural Communication on NDLA here. Explains in a wonderful way the difference between deal focused cultures and relationship-focused cultures. It also includes a text that outlines a Mr. Halliwell’s business trip and the intercultural challenges he encounters in Mexica, Japan, Saudi Arabia and France.
3) A very professionally put-together video here about certain American habits that are offensive in other countries.
4) A video here that shows habits from all over the world that can be considered offensive by different cultures. 
5) A text about tips for doing business in Japan here.
6) How culture imapcts the way we think and speak here. 

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