mandag 15. oktober 2012

Working with the novel "Slam" by Nick Hornby

One of the books my pupils read and work with is "Slam" by Nick Hornby. The book deals with the issue of teenage pregnancy, seen from the teenage father Sam's perspective. 
For evaluation purposes, I usually have an oral conversation with my pupils (one on one) for 15 minutes. I really feel that this helps me assess their English speaking skills thoroughly. To work with this task, the pupils read the book and also get a list of questions they will have to answer when I evaluate them. Here is a link to a file where you will find the competence aims this task covers, questions that the pupils get for working with the book and asessment criteria. Here is an assessment form that can be used to assess the conversation. While I have these conversations, the other pupils usually work with Folder Activities or Mappekrav. I wrote about this here earlier.

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