mandag 21. april 2014

Argumentative task, assessment- criteria and form / Oppgave om en argumenterende tekst, vurderingskriterier og vurderingsskjema

Here is a task that can be used to write an argumentative text about The Civil Rights Movement. The assessment criteria are included in the task.

To work with this task, the students taking general studies (studiespesialiserende), worked with the theme the Civil Rights Movement. Here is an action plan that shows what the learners were expected to learn about this theme and the texts that were of interest.
Here is a power point I used to teach about argumentative texts and how to develop thesis statements.

To make sure that the learners understood how to argue, we worked with the theme: Should gun ownership be legal? The learners wrote down both pro and cons and then had to work with this draft here. It was made very clear to the learners that the paragraph structure that is written in the draft is just ONE way of writing a discussion paragraph for an argumentative text. Another way could be that after the introduction, the learners present all the pro arguments in the first part of the text, and then present the arguments against their point of view/thesis statement in the next part. Then, the learners would have to write another discussion paragraph which shows why they feel that their point of view is better followed by a conclusion of course.

Before the learners turned in their texts, they had to go through this self-evaluation checklist

Here is an assessment form that can be used to give assessment. Before I use this form, I write comments in the text using "se gjennom/view" and then "spor endringer/track changes". I also mark some grammatical errors (NOT ALL) using macros

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